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 Solar Photovoltaic Training


Mod #Solar Photovoltaic Installer, Prerequisites for Year One (from Electrical One) Hours Comments

 Core Modules72.5 

 26101-08Orientation to the Electrical Trade2.5 

 26102-08Electrical Safety10 

 26103-08Introduction to Electrical Circuits 7.5 

 26104-08Electrical Theory7.5 

 26105-08Introduction to the National Electrical Code7.5 

 26106-08Device Boxes10 

 26107-08Hand Bending10 

 26108-08Raceways & Fittings20 

 26109-08Conductors and Cables10 

 26110-08Basic Electrical Construction Drawings7.5 

 26112-08Electrical Test Equipment5 

 Total Hours:170


 New Mod #Solar Photovoltaic Installer, Prerequisites for Year Two (From Electrical Two, Three, & Four)New Hours 

 26201-08Alternating Current17.5 

 26205-08Pull and Junction Boxes 12.5 

  26206-08Conductor Installations10 

 26208-08Conductor Terminations and Splices7.5 

 26209-08Grounding and Bonding15 

 26210-08Circuit Breakers and Fuses12.5 

 26211-08Control Systems and Fundamental Concepts 12.5 

 26301-08Load Calculations - Branch Circuits17.5 

 26302-08Conductor Selection and Calculations15 

 26403-08Standby and Emergency Systems12.5 

 26413-08Introductory Skills for the Crew Leader16Include only if we need the hours (MJT: Yes)

 Total Hours:148.5


 Solar Photovoltaic Specialist  

 57101-10Overview of Solar Photovoltaic Systems40Can be used as a stand-alone to prepare for the NABCEP Entry Level certificate (covers residential and    Light commercial)

 57102-11 Site Assessment 10 

 57103-11 System Design 25 

 57104-11 System Installation and Inspection 60 

 57105-11 Maintenance and Troubleshooting 10 

 Total Hours:145 

NABCEP Registered Provider_Photovoltaic